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Tempus Practicus

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Are you good enough to pass the Tempus Test? Tempus Practicus is a musical utility app that helps you assess your rhythm skills.

Legend has it that a master maestro's conducting skill is so great that he can perfectly maintain a tempo with no assistance for extended periods. He can turn on a metronome and begin conducting at its tempo, then switch off the metronome, conduct 100 measures, turn it back on, and still be conducting in time! Tempo maintenance and ear training are serious and oft over looked aspects of music making. Whether you're playing classical, jazz, prog rock, or anything in between, being able to keep a steady tempo is a hallmark of a master musician.

Tempus Practicus will click out the beats like a normal metronome, rest for a number of beats, then resume playing and repeat. You can specify beats per minute, beats per measure, beats to play, and beats to rest. With this handy utility, both aspiring and professional musicians can check how well they hold a tempo, and hopefully one day we'll all pass the Tempus test!

Tempus Practicus Features:

  • Adjust the number of beats per measure to your liking
  • Adjust the length of the test up to 100 measures, just like a master maestro
  • A handy tool to help you practice your tempo
  • Also doubles as a metronome
  • Unique interface makes you feel like a maestro
  • One version for your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

*App speaks English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian.

"Tempus Practicus is the best mobile metronome software that I have come across. The beautiful interface and intuitive controls make it a pleasure to use."
Case Scaglione
Music Director, Debut Orchestra
Tanglewood Fellow


New in Version 1.1:

  • Metronome timing issues fixed.
  • New option to disable the device's auto-sleep mode.
  • App now also speaks German and Italian.


iPhone and iPod touch