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A fast paced, funk-infused sprint through a crumbling metropolis. Thrilling voice-controlled gameplay!

Fljott is a hip side scrolling platformer, which casts you as a desperate youth trying to protect a loved one by drawing on the power of the human voice.

Race to save your companion from the clutches of those who would have 'em. Against a starlit sky, across rooftops, and through the flames you will crush the obstacles that try to stand in your way.

Shout at the top of your lungs to summon your spirits and lift your heels from one rooftop to the next. Don’t be embarrassed, do what you have to do.

Collect your jams to power your rocket skates and your heart. No matter the format or the times, the power of music never changes. With the song’s echo in your heart and in your skates, boost through the air to jump farther and faster, until the world becomes a blur. But be careful, one slip up and you’ll drop from airborne freedom to statistical obscurity.

Fljott Features:

  • Control the game using only your voice!
  • Fast paced platforming action keeps you coming back for more
  • Two playable characters allow you to express yourself
  • Destructible Environmental obstacles will never stand in your way
  • A killer soundtrack gets you in the mood
  • Smoothly animated sprites make the characters come alive
  • Taunting enemy AI flies so close but stays so far
  • Touch input for the mute and noisy

Powered by Cocos2D, Chipmunk, and SpaceManager.

iPhone and iPod touch