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Fljott A fast paced, funk-infused, voice-powered sprint through a crumbling metropolis. Collect your jams to power your rocket skates and your heart. Shout at the top of your lungs to summon your spirits and lift your heels from one rooftop to the next. Don’t be embarrassed, do what you have to do. ~ Out Now!


Tempus Practicus The best app to help you assess and practice your rhythm. Legend has it that a master maestro's internal tempo is flawless. Are you good enough to pass the Tempus test? ~ Out Now!


On The Go Chords Helps you train your musical ear by quizzing you on chords. Covering a wide range of basic and advanced chords, OTG Chords also allows quizzing on inversions, furthering your aural training experience.


On The Go Intervals A fun little application that quizzes you on musical intervals. Professional and amateur musicians alike can get the aural practice they need whenever they have a few minutes on the go.


HertzToNoteS Need to know the frequency of A#? Wanna see which musical note is closest in pitch to what your oscilloscope is outputting? Look no further than HertzToNoteS!


The GREat Vocab Tutor When you're getting ready for an exam, you want to be as prepared as possible. When you're on your way to higher education, only the most direct and convenient study tools around can support you. A deck of 759 GRE vocabulary words is just that tool.